Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is having state-of-art facilities for individual students to complete practical assignments and projects of the curriculum. The department has young, talented, qualified and experienced team of faculties to impart fundamental and applied knowledge in the field of computer science. The department is enriched with well equipped labs. The department focuses on preparing the students to meet global industrial challenges and making them aware of the recent advances in the technical field by encouraging them to participate in various technical competitions, conferences and workshops.

Dr. Milind M. Dhobe (I/c HOD)
Phone: +91-240-2403010

Our Vision
  • To become center of excellence in computer education to create globally competitive graduate with moral and social responsibilities.
Our Mission
  • The CSE Department is committed to create computer engineers with updated professional competencies to work in various domains and having moral and social attributes leading to global competency by providing advanced technical infrastructure and learning environment.
Program Outcomes

After completing four year graduate course of BTech (CSE) the students will be able to:

  • Understand and proficiently apply the knowledge of mathematics, relevant sciences to CSE, to design software solutions to the given problems.
  • An ability to design softwares & conduct their software simulations and testing to analyze and interpret the results produced and verify their online performance.
  • Will be able to design a software automation system for various application areas using efficient algorithms, the computer resources and components,to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic ,environmental ,social ,political ,ethical ,health and safety ,manufacturing, and sustainability.
  • Will be able to Design software projects for multidisciplinary applications areas and will be able to maintain it on field.
  • An ability to identify, formulate the problem definitions for which the software solution can be designed and will be able to implement them.
  • Will be able to demonstrate commitment by developing professional softwares for various applications as per ethical standards and rules led by society.
  • Will be able to communicate with the corporate world effectively by implementing techniques for verbal and non verbal communication skills taught in syllabus.
  • The computer Graduate will be able to understand impact of software solutions in a global economic, environmental and social context.
  • Will be able to design software solutions using recent algorithms and also continuously modify them as per the current needs of the society through lifelong learning and professional development.
  • Will be able to demonstrate knowledge of contemporary issues.
  • Show awareness of and ability to proficiently identify and apply project management tools and methodologies to the planning and execution of software projects leading to software.
  • Will be able to plan and use computer resources and other systems efficiently.
  • Software Development Lab I and II
  • Digital Signal and Image Processing Lab
  • Multimedia Lab
  • Data Communication and Networks Lab
  • Embedded Systems and Hardware Lab
  • Computer Center
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Internet and Web Technologies Lab
  • Mobile Computing Lab
  • Linux Programming Lab
  • Digital Systems Design Lab
Recent Major Projects
  • Arduino Based Voice Control
  • Smart Alarm Clock
  • Stock Price Prediction
  • Credit Card Default Prediction
  • Eye Cursor Movement
  • Face Recognition Door Lock