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Information Technology

The IT Department has the latest cutting edge technology infrastructure with the most sophisticated configurations in hardware and software. The IT Department is on open source. IT is one of the major department undertaking live projects for PESCOE software up gradation. It enhances the talents and the ability of the students by encouraging them to participate in various competitions, conferences, workshops etc. The department has Computer Society of India (CSI) student chapter to provide up to date knowledge in the IT field.

Dr. S. N. Kawalkar (Head of the Department)
Phone: +91-240-2403008

  • Understand and proficiently apply the relevant knowledge and techniques to develop software for easy automation.
  • Identify, interpret and critically appraise current development and advanced technologies to develop enhanced Government IT enabled Services for the benefits of society.
  • Identify and synthesize the constraints posed by economic factors ,safety consideration ,environment impacts and professional standards on software engineering practices and entrepreneurs and use them for professional judgements.
  • Determine, analyse and proficiently apply theoretical and logical analysis for innovating a new idea of revolution in IT through research.
  • Develop IT-enabled services in terms of economics, safety and the social and physical environment ,and implement approaches like green computing, efficient utilization of resources, minimize any adverse impact leading to sustainable development.
  • Understand,maturely,and proficiently apply a systems approach to design prototype,addressing the broad contextual constraints,leading to sustainable software development.
  • Develop and implement a creative and innovative approach in solving problems.
  • Communicate effectively on both technical and general issues with peers,associates,clients and work as one good team towards substantial development in software engineering.
  • Exhibit social commitment towards the society by innovating and materializing the ideas and providing them to the society in terms of economics.
  • Demonstrate commitment to ethical standards of cyber awareness and legal responsibilities to the commitment and the professions.
  • Exhibit re-engineering and sustainability for any software application.
  • Multimedia Lab
  • Advanced Software Lab
  • Object Technology Lab
  • Project Development Lab
  • Operating system Lab
  • Web Development Lab
  • Session Password Using Color and Images
  • Tollbooth System
  • Full Distributed Node of Hadoop Cluster
  • Error Solution
  • Notification Management System