Knowledge Centre

The college campus is interconnected by latest CISCO Wi-Fi Network. 20MBPS lease line high- speed Broadband Internet access is available. All the departments are connected with fiber optics backbone to share the resources from the knowledge centre. The knowledge centre is equipped with MATLAB 7.2, SIMULINK, Ultiboard PCB design, ICAP-4 and Multisim simulation, code composer studio, Xilinx VLSI and Visual Basics S/W along with IEEE and ASME online journals. The knowledge centre is also equipped with state of art infrastructure and Cisco Unified Communication System with latest technology which gices the facility like IP Telephony,DHCP server for network connectivity and gateway for our college Webserver

Dr. V.K. Kadam (Head, knowledge Centre)

There are 8 E journal packages:
  • IEEE all society periodical package,146 journals & backfile to 2000.
  • ASME Journals package 26 journals plus backfile to 2000.
  • Wiley Computer Science +Data system + telecommunication & related disciplines collection.
  • ASTM Digital library
  • Elsevier Science direct Engineering & Computer science
  • J.Gate Engineering & technology