Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science)

The PESCOE education system is not limited to a specific curriculum, but develops and delights all people, especially students. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering (Data science) is always working to improve the entrepreneurial skills of the students. The department have a team of young, talented skilled, and experienced faculty who can teach both fundamental as well as advanced technology related to applied computer science and data science specialization. The department is enriched with well equipped labs. The department always strives to develop engineers with a wide range of technical, managerial, ethical and social skills to contribute to nation building. It always encourages students to actively participate and succeed in various events and competitions to show their skills to the new technology platform.

Dr. Asha Tupe

Our Vision
  • To be a dominant force in the field of Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science), bringing to the fore cutting-edge solutions that influence technology and have a beneficial social impact.
Our Mission
  • The CSE (Data Science) department is pledged to produce computer engineers with advanced professional capabilities, deep moral and social foundations, and worldwide competency. We accomplish this by providing modern technological infrastructure and a better learning environment that stimulates creativity and development.