Civil Engineering

Being the mother branch of engineering and technology this branch has taken the responsibility of serving all fields of technology. This Department has well qualified and experienced staff. This Department is enriched with well equipped Labs. The infrastructure and specious Annexe building caters the need of students. This department aims to provide practical and field based education. Most of the laboratories are ready for the consultation towards Government and private organizations in the field of Structures, Transportation, soil and analysis.

Prof. R.M. Sawant (Head of the Department)
Phone: +91-240-2403003

Our Vision
  • To create a sound technical manpower with global competitiveness, morality and
    social science sense.
  • To create Technical manpower of global standard knowing recent technologies, construction techniques and machineries and maintain ethical value.
Our Mission
  • The civil engineering department is dedicated to educate and train under graduate level civil engineering students in up-to-date technical knowledge in civil engineering and its use.
  • The department is committed to develop the state of the art technical infrastructure having ultra modern laboratory facilities.
  • Obliged to cultivate unblemished congenial academic environment for pleasant and complete learning experience.
  • Promise to inculcate moral and social ethics to ensure all round development of students.
  • To provide state of the art technical infrastructure and motivate students to realize their own potential.
  • To provide intellectual, moral and social democracy to ensure all round development of students.
  • A. Understand and proficiently apply relevant knowledge of mathematics science and engineering to solve civil engineering problems.
  • Design and conduct civil engineering experiments as well as analysis and interpretation of data.
  • Concave and design civil engineering structures and system to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as
  • economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, sustainability, health and safety.
  • Proficiently apply construction management tools and practices to plan and execute civil engineering projects.
  • Critically evaluate the performance of civil engineering system in terms of economics, social sense, safety and functioning
  • to achieve targeted retirements.
  • Plan, organize and use resources like water resources, building materials, human resources etc Efficiently.
  • Identify, interpret and critically appraise current developments and advanced technologies and apply them to civil
  • engineering to achieve economy, reduce construction time and enhance sustainability for the benefit of society.
  • Show social sense, observe moral principles and legal responsibilities in civil engineering profession so as to provide
  • quality service to the society and building industry.
  • Demonstrate commitment to higher education and professional development and personal performance of global standard.
  • Operate efficiently and professionally united within team as well as on multidisciplinary teams.
  • Communicate effectively on both civil engineering and general issues with peers, associates, clients and general public.
  • Basic Civil Engineering
  • Concrete Technlogy
  • Getechnical Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Engineering Mechanics Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Transportatin Engg.Lab
  • Strength of material Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Environmental Engg. Lab
  • Soil Testing Lab
  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Standardization of Road Pavements
  • Quality Assurance in Concrete
  • Structural Analysis Using STAAD Pro and ANSYS

  • Civil Department Had Done Work Of 18 Lakh Rs In Consultancy.
Department Faculty
Sr.No. Name Of Faculty Designation Curriculum Vitae
1 Dr. A.P. Wadekar Professor Download
2 Dr. R.M. Sawant Associate Professor Download
3 Dr.D.N Kakade Associate Professor Download
4 Mr.A.W.Yerekar Assistant  Professor Download
5 Ms.S.B.Dhule Assistant  Professor X
6 Mr.C.R. Ghusinge Assistant  Professor Download
7 Ms.Shaikh.s.Fatima Assistant  Professor Download
8 Mr.R.D.Pandit Assistant  Professor Download
9 Mr.J.R.Gaikawad Assistant  Professor Download
10 Mrs.Pallavi Alte Assistant  Professor X
11 Mr.M.Naseem Ahmed Assistant  Professor X
12 Mr.Sayed Shoeb Iliyas Assistant  Professor X